We are your Adventure Guide in Costa Rica

Tropical Bungee the Adventure Specialist

We are your Adventure Guide in Costa Rica

Tropical Bungee the Adventure Specialist

We are your Adventure Guide in Costa Rica

Tropical Bungee the Adventure Specialist

We are your Adventure Guide in Costa Rica

Tropical Bungee the Adventure Specialist

We are your Adventure Guide in Costa Rica

Tropical Bungee the Adventure Specialist

We are your Adventure Guide in Costa Rica

Tropical Bungee the Adventure Specialist

Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica 7 Days

Price $1669 p/p

Ask for special prices for 4 people groups or more

On this trip we will take you to experience all the best adventures in Costa Rica. In every trip there is a perfect combination of nature, adventure and security. No bus lines, no attached to a scheduled services, only adventure! Driving 4x4 trough Costa Rica is an experience that you don't want to missed.

We can fit this trip according to your budget and the period of time you will spend in Costa Rica, so just let us know the adventures you want to try and we will help you to create a personal vacation for you, your friends or your family.

Our Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica has a maximum period of 7 days but you can make it shorter or even add more days and adventures.

Here is our Adventure Vacation, enjoy it!


Nature and Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica: 7 days in Costa Rica

Tour: Rappelling, Aerial Tram, Zip Line, Hanging Bridges, Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, Tropical Forest Trekking and Tortuguero National Park or White Water Rafting

1st Adventure Day

One night accommodation in San Jose. Close to all the important building such as: National Theater, museums, local markets and shopping stores in the heart of the capital. The first day we will meet you at your hotel to explain you all the details about the tour. There will be time for you to tell us every single question you have, so we can clear up all your doubts.

2nd Adventure Day

Around 7am we will drive to the Cloudy Forest of Costa Rica where we will start our vacation with the most adrenaline adventure in your life. Just to start, we will enjoy a 120 feet high rappelling with some injection of pure adrenaline.

We will continue our day flying through the forest on the Aerial Tram for about 30 minutes from where we will learn the importance of this ecosystem, after this we will jump from tree top to tree top in the incredible Zip Line tour where 10 cables and 5 platforms will show us the wild life from a different perspective.

Finally we can take a walk on the hanging bridges where you will have a spectacular view and take the best pictures of the costarrican cloudy forest. Once we finish our last adventure we will take the road to our next destination: Playa Jaco, where we will be arriving just on time for dinner. After we eat and take a shower, we will take some minutes to talk about the experience we just enjoy today.

3rd Adventure Day

Breakfast will be served at 7am, we take all our luggage because at 8am we will start our 9000 feet high Sky Diving adventure tour. An amazing view of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica will accompanied us during the next 25 minutes on the air. The Sky Diving jump will be a tandem jump, where you will be always attached to a professional instructor, each of them with more than 1000 jumps. When the weather conditions are not ideals for the Sky Diving tour we have more adventures that we can enjoy, such us: Paragliding with a 20 minutes fly all over the Puntarenas Town, Kayak and Stand up Padlle in open water and through the mangles, a session of Surf and Yoga can be the perfect combination for an equilibration of soul and body. We can make a mixture of these adventures for an excellent one day tour.

The lunch will be served on time to have all the energy you will need for every single activity we will do.

Once we finish the adventure day and on the road, we will drive for about 2 hours to find our next destination at Playa Dominical. Around 2pm we will be in our operation center where we will have an introduction class in the incredible activity of Scuba Diving , this is just a short theory and practice course that take place in a swimming pool.

After we take a shower and having a delicious dinner we will take just a few minutes to talk about the day we just had, where we hope we can shared the best moments we enjoyed.

We suggest going to bed early because the next day we will wake up very early in the morning for an experience that you will never forget.

4th Adventure Day

At 6am we will have breakfast because at 7am we depart to the entrance of the Marino Ballena National park where our boat will drive us for about an 1 hour to find the Caño Island, called by many “The Mini Coco Island” this a beautiful place where all the life lives in harmony under the water. We will have two immersions so we can see why this place is compare to one of the most important diving islands in the world. Lunch and snacks will always be served for you on the boat.

Instead of the Scuba Diving Tour and as an optional activity, you can enjoy our Snorkeling Tour at the Biological Reserve Caño Island, where you have the opportunity to walk through the forest of this beautiful place.

Our adventure day finish around 6pm. After a refreshment shower and a wonderful dinner you don´t want to missed the talk with the group about the experience of this day.

5th Adventure Day

Breakfast will be served by 7am. We pack everything because we will enjoy a relax walk inside a National Park just 2 hours drive from us, the Carara National Park will be our next destination. For 2 hours we will learned about the amazing wild life our Tropical Forest saved carefully. Amazing landscapes from us will surprise you. After the tour we will take you to your hotel in San Jose.

On this adventure day you have the night off to do whatever you want, there are many places to visit in San Jose during the night, such us: night clubs, movie theaters, shopping stores, restaurants and more.

6th Adventure Day

Actually this adventure will be for 2 days and 1 night, so this means this part of the tropical adventure vacation will be your 6th and 7th day. For this adventure day we have 2 different optional tours: 1. Will be the White Water Rafting Adventure trough the Pacuare River, this is considered one of the top 5 rivers in the world for rafting. and 2: Will be the visit to the real Rain Forest of Costa Rica, Tortuguero National Park, a place where you will enjoy the beauty of a forest always in movement.

7th Adventure Day

During the day you will be on your Tortuguero National Park Adventure or in the White Water Rafting Adventure. The bus will drop you off at your hotel by 6pm.

You will have the rest of the night off so you have time to enjoy San Jose one more time.

Here finish our adventure with you! But we hope to see you soon in Costa Rica looking for more adventure.


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